Dusun Kuning Waterfall one the best waterfall

About 3 km on the southern city of bangli, precisely in village park bali, there is a waterfall named a waterfall hamlet yellow.Called a waterfall hamlet yellow, because the location a waterfall is located on hamlet yellow, village park bali, kecamatan bangli, kabupaten bangli.A waterfall it has height of about 20 feet above the surface of a river tukad melangit flowing into the south.

A waterfall this absolutely still natural and unknown many people except local residents ) because they are too hidden.To that end, need business and struggle because access to a waterfall it is very hard.From the village umanyar, you need to walk by the field of inhabitant of until it came over a, by the river melangit.Of the cliff, you need to walk down to reach a waterfall.Unfortunately, way down to water plunge s very hard and dangerous.You have to down cliff with reverse by holding on to roots the trees, because cliff standing would.

getting here 

From denpasar , point your vehicle to bangli good through sukawati / gianyar and way by pass good idea a spell .When i came in the village park bali ( said to be about three miles before city bangli ) , speak softer the rate of your vehicle to saw a intersection , with the way to the right side of the .Beloklah to the right and follow the road until you get in a intersection , near plant drinking water non min .  from intersection the , beloklah to right to the end of the road near houses .Next you live walking , about as far as 300 meters to reach a waterfall hamlet yellow .Copy the best traders and make money

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Tegenungan WAterfal is the best short water fall in bali

This is a waterfall which is most close to the city denpasar and the only waterfall it is not in the highlands of or mountains .A waterfall tegenungan be in the village kemenuh , kecamatan sukawati , kabupaten gianyar .Is only about 16 km from denpasar or 30 minutes drive .A waterfall in the river tukad petanu this is quite unique .Although it is not so high ( the high only about four feet high ) , discharge the water from the sky .The water was also clean and clear .Is totally suitable for bathroom or just plain play water .


To reach a waterfall tegenungan , of the parking lot , you have to down hundreds of the stairs and went down its edges tukad petanu .At the time goes down to a waterfall , it is perhaps not too high-energy .But , when must get back to the parking , their physic you are pretty tested .Pretty is !Hitung-hitung the streets while sports .You do not need to worry , if thirst or starving after play in a waterfall tegenungan .In the parking lot , available of stalls simple selling food and soft drinks .You can eat and drink in a stall the while enjoy the beauty of a waterfall tegenungan from a distance .For lovers photography , you should come to the falls tegenungan by or afternoon , it for you to get pictures of a good .It is because a waterfall faces the west .If you will come in the morning , you will trouble getting a photograph good because of light coming to the camera you will lose by the sun


Waterfall Sekumpul bali

Bali is full of mystery beauty, bali is the palace dewata like that of what i felt be a native of bali, but this time it i want to review the governor of natural beauty charm hidden that is a place maybe you have not know namely water fall sekumpul , you know?  below you see …


Air Terjun Pemuatan sekumpul waterfall

If you visit this place , you right feel like sensation peace in heaven , absolutely correct , and my words is a lie . Proven many people delighted to be in sekumpul waterfall , believe me , uniqueness of water fall sekumpul is a spiritual attractiveness by themselves in offer by nature bali indonesia , if you today will visit bali try sempatkan yourself with family visiting tourist attractions this one . Hopefully vacation you more impressed and memorable.

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